Inequalities in society means that children from lower-income backgrounds often have fewer opportunities to participate in sports. This can be problematic and exclude certain children from joining any sports activity which requires additional fees. 

The problematic access to sports teams or organisations also translates to missed opportunities for (highly) talented children from lower-income backgrounds. Possibilities such as entering pro sports or receiving athletics-based scholarships are missed. 

ALL Foundation is therefore dedicated to raising funds for (highly) talented children with low income backgrounds to participate in Basketball Training Programs and Basketball Camps & Clinics. 

In addition, to offer the opportunity to enter specialized Basketball Training Programs in preparation for an Athletic Scholarship in the USA. 

ALL Foundation partners with Dynasty Basketball Experience who recruits talented players in The Netherlands and across Europe on a regular basis. In the event that they find talent who is in need of financial support, ALL Foundation steps in to evaluate the financial situation of the player’s parent or authorized caretaker and determines a financial support plan accordingly. 

In order to provide financial aid helping young talented athletes to accomplish their dreams, we need your help!

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